ONLY-ONLY is for lovers of kimono who dream of owning their very own customized kimono and obi. A place where you can get a kimono not in the usual traditional patterns or made with traditional techniques but one that expresses who you are and which reflects your taste, style and personality.

Between you and me

ONLY-ONLY is a collaboration between you and me.
I will listen, ask questions and when I am sure that I understand what you are looking for, I will present you with some ideas and designs and will refine them until you are happy.


The next stage is the textile itself. We will discuss the thickness, the weight, the surface texture, the luster and the pattern and tightness of the weave.
Things we consider:
…… type of thread for warp and weft
…… type and degree of twist of fiber
…… dyes: natural, artificial or a combination
…… color palette/ shades/ gradation
…… dyeing method: warp brush painting/ other
…… weaving method
…… gauge of loom for open or tight weave

Final step

For this very important final step, I will weave a sample for you to see and touch, so you will know exactly what the final textile will look and feel like.
Once you are happy and approve of it, I will weave you the kimono of your dreams.