ONLY ONLY is the dream full customized Kimono and Obi making.
Your taste and preference are expressed thoroughly in the Kimono and Obi.

The most important thing is design, I draw and show you the original drawing couple of times until you approve it.
I listen to, see, feel and realize your wish.

To make your dream of making perfect order-made true, your preference, taste and everything you like is adopted from choice of
– thread weft and warp independent : thickness, twisting, coarse or tender
– dyestuff weft and warp independent : natural weed, chemical, mixed
– dye weft and warp independent : graduation, times, time
– weaving : loom weed gauge, tightness

The second important thing is to touch and see the weaved sample,
I show you the real sample for you to approve it.

ONLY ONLY is the way of making obi and kimono based on the dialogue
between you and me.